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You think US FDA is trust worthy?

Doctors were paid from $100,000 to $1.9M.by.drug Companies for review drug applications


This is how you spin a trial result!!!

Among patients with previously treated advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, treatment with cabozantinib resulted in longer overall survival and progression-free survival than placebo. The rate of high-grade adverse events in the cabozantinib group was approximately twice that observed in the placebo group.

And yet when you look at the trial results, overall survival was 2 months longer than those who took placebo(10.2vs8months).

Why was this even published? Coz its by a pharma company sponsored trial

Immunotherapy : Hype vs Reality

In the latest ASCO conference, there’s is a problem of hyping results of a few patient responses.


How FDA insiders describe the culture of approving drugs

Straight from an insider

How an oncologist tweets at how cancer treatments are a big scam

Exceptional chemo responders

A database is now being conducted to study the parameters for why certain patients respond exceptionally with chemotherapy

Journals are now questionable?

Authors pay “open access peer review” journals to publish an article