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Colon cancer cells mutate to Targeted chemotherapy

Colon cancer cells up regulates its DNA polymerase, enabling cancer cells to have DNA instability and increased mutations

THC induces apoptosis of cancer cells

University of Madrid research showed cancer cells commit suicide to THC molecules

Fat particles in blood eaten up by breast cancer cells

Endocytosis of lipid rich particles enables breast cancer cells to use it as a source of energy

Vancomycin boost radiotherapy response

Vancomycin alters the guy microbiome that seem to help increase dendritic cell response in patients under going radiotherapy

Serum Vitamin C and cancer among kidney transplant patients

Serum Vitamin C levels was associated with lower risk of death due to cancer among kidney transplant patients

International conference on Regenerative Medicine Boracay feb 24-28 2020

Liquid biopsies pitfalls

A large percentage of DNA mutations in liquid biopsies were found to be from white blood cells not from tumors