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HPV can be transmitted and cause cancer in transfused blood

Blood for transfusion are not tested for HPV, that can cause cancer In later life

Aggressive breast cancer cells use TNF alpha as protector

Triple negative breast cancer alters itself to upregulatr genes and proteins to protect itself

Microbiome diversity linked to better survival

Patients with a wider diversity of microbiome are more likely to survive longer

Nivolumab for non small cell Lung cancer

Improves disease progression time but not overall survival

Exercise as a prescription for cancer patients

Patients in England are takin part in a trial with exercise

Metformin improves overall survival in Egfr Tki lung cancer

Metformin increased overall survival by almost 100% in lung cancer patients given first generation efgr Tki drugs

Tamoxifen raloxifene to prevent breast cancer

USPTF recommends tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer in high risk women