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Some tumors thrive on ketones

Presence of BRAF gene promotes the ketogenesis that promote its growth


Genentech’s personalised Vaccine

Personalised tumor vaccines are a real thing now

Hyperthermia plus. Radiotherapy for. Bone metastasis

Capacitive hyperthermia with low dose radiotherapy for painful bone metastasis is effective in reducing pain and stopped bone metastasis

Ketogenic diet, Intravenous ozone and Hyperbaric oxygen

All 52 of 54 cancer patients, had complete regression off tumors. Two with partial were colon and lung cancer. Amazing trial.

Blood test for recurrence of. Head and neck cancer

Recurrence of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma can be detected using a blood test for presence of Hpv dna

When will checkpoint inhibitor work best

Factors include your absolute lymphocyte, neutrophils and platelet counts

Leukemia cells hijacks Insulin to increase glucose

Leukemia cells via gut, pancreatic cells and adipose cells, promote Insulin resistance thereby increasing blood sugar for its growth