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Cancer cells scavenge components of the extracellular matrix to survive

Cancer cells use anything it can get in the surrounding tissue to survive


Onco protein in cancer cells during hypoxia

Cancer cells survive in low oxygen conditions due to its adaptability using many pathways

How endometriosis can contribute to endometrial cancer

Clonal. Expansion of endometrial cells with somatic mutations contribute to cancer

Purple potatoes against Colon cancer

Anthocyanins on purple potatoes kills colon cancer stem cells

Taurine as a novel breast cancer marker

Breast cancer Patients have higher levels of VEGF as well as lower taurine levels

Not all Vitamin E are the same

Tocopherol acetate is carcinogenic while tocopherol succinate is anti carcinogenic, i the presence of aflatoxin B

Serum vitamin C as a indicator to mortality

People with vitamin c concentration of more than 28 umol/l have lower risk. Of Heart attack, cancer and all-Cause Mortality