Cannabis, Carrier Oils and Apoptosis of Cancer Cells

What is Apoptosis? According to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) a multicellular organism’s (Human) cells are members of a highly structured community. The quantity of cells in the community is regulated efficiently by governing the rate of cell mitosis as well as controlling the rate of cell death. When a cell is no longer […]

2 thoughts on “Cannabis, Carrier Oils and Apoptosis of Cancer Cells

  1. Dr. HOMER LIM,

    May I contact you. My girlfriend has lung cancer stage 4 believe to be neuroendocrine cancer primary lung. We wana try cannabis oil. Pls help us. My contact number is 09209073829. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Stuart Chua

    1. Akesis Holistic Health unit 502 Banawe Lifestyle Center Banawe avenue . building with Coffee Bean and Anytime fitness near chinatowns best ‭+63 908 812 1451‬, 562 5144

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