Losartan is now a certified repurposed drug for cancer

In a trial for patients with Pancreatic cancer undergoing chemo radiation therapy, Losartan help decreased immunosuppression

Natasha Winters – Optimal Terrain Program

Listen to Dr Natasha Winters explain her program


One of the hottest topics in the Integrative and complementary therapies on cancer is ferroptosis. Simply put, it means the use of iron molecules in our blood to cause cancer cells to die. We tried using chatgpt to enumerate some of the herbal supplements. So we asked: Herbal supplements that induces ferroptosis. As an AI … Continue reading Ferroptosis

Using ivermectin fenbendazole Vit C and baking soda

Interesting article on these cancer protocol by Dr Haider

Vitamin C modifies the gut microbiome

Oral and iv vitamin c increases bifidobacterium levels in men and women

Rapid growth of cancers after boosters

Its a world wide phenomenon. Its not a conspiracy theory anymore. Cancer incidence are increasing due to. Boosters

Tumors prefer glutamine over glucose

Tumors prefer glutamine over glucose. But in the absence of glutamine glucose becomes the primary source of fuel.

It’s not just cancer cells that are Sugar feeders

Immune cells called macrophages actually consume more glucose than cancer cells. This study highlights the importance of immune cells contributing go cancer growth

How normal organs cells travel to other organs

NALCN, pushing sodium out of cells are key regulators to cells ability to travel from one organ to another

Mistletoe therapy

One of the best and most cost effective therapy. Thats the power of vinca alkaloids