You are not a statistic

An engineer ‘s journey as a stage 4 colon cancer survivor

Taking vitamin D soon after breast cancer diagnosis improves survival

Women with vit d levels of 50-80ng/ml are 50% less likely to die from breast cancer soon after diagnosis

Raw garlic extract injections against cancer

Raw garlic extracts injection rather than consumed orally is effective in cancer cell control

Glucocorticoids enhances breast cancer metastasis

Breast cancer cells increase its metastatic potential via glucocorticoids receptors

Mistletoe for refractory ovarian cancer

Mistletoe therapy was the only treatment utilized after patient with stage 4 ovarian cancer refused chemotherapy due to adverse events, stabilising disease for 42 months

Chemotherapy also makes patients stupid, it also worsen with time

Longitudinal Trajectory and Characterization of Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment in a Nationwide Cohort Study | Journal of Clinical Oncology
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Chronic stress increase cancer stem cells growth

Epinephrine increases cancer stem cell growth via increase in lactate dehydrogenase. Vit C counters this effect