Cancer cells switch to fatty acid as food

Cancer cells with high levels of AKR1B10 can use fat acid for food.

History of bone marrow transplantation

Where Dr Thomas earned His Nobel prize for Medicine.

Flubendazole is a PD-L1 inhibitor

Flubendazole is found to stop melanoma cells via PDL1 PATHWAY

Cancers metastasize even before its a big tumor

Mathematical calculations predicts a metastasis potential for tumors even before its a primary tumor

Dr Tony Jimenez’ book:Sevem Principles of Cancer Therapy

E. Coli as a oncolytic bacteria

Na no particles embedded into E. Coli caused cancer cell to regress or get infiltrated with T lymphocytes

The versatile metformin as an anti cancer agent

Metformin inhibits cancer growth thru metabolic, micro RNA as well as stem cell activities