Fenbendazole against NSCLC

Fenbendazole blocks microtubule formation hence mitosis. As well as glucose uptake in cancer cells

Andrographis paniculata against cancer

Andrographis reverses the defective ferroptosis in cancer cells and activates the Wnt pathway in colon cancer cells

Panseer – cancer screening

Panseer test for DNA methylation in certain genes of the samples. It can detect up to 4 yrs prior to a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer stem cells and hypoxia

Cancer stem cells are activated during hypoxia

Cannabis use and Immunotherapy

Cancer patients on cannabis had a poorer outcome on Immunotherapy than those who didn’t.

Cancer cells are not acidic

Cancer cell are actually alkaline while the surrounding microenvironment is acidic

Nsaid and a beta blocker against metastasis

Etodolac and propranolol reduce metastatic potential in patients operated for colorectal cancer.

Bee venom as anti cancer drug

Bee venoms were found to be toxic to aggressive cancer cells.

Fructose drives cancer cells to use it as fuel

Fructose is used by cancer cells as a source of fuel as well as increase in uric acid, depleting mitochondrial production of atp

Viagra to prevent colorectal cancer metastasis

Patients so have undergone surgery for colorectal cancer were less likely to die of metastasis if they took phosphodiesterase inhibitors