Starving cancer with an emzyme

Depleting cysteine in the blood using cysteinase can make pancreatic cancer cells commit suicide

Low testosterone and prostate cancer

Men who are fat ~high estrogen and low testosterone are at higher risk for prostate cancer #pubmed

Ketogenic diet for breast cancer

Women with breast cancer post surgery who underwent 3 months of ketogenic diet had a longer survival rate that those who were on regular diet

Fasting mimicking diet enhances chemotherapy in breast cancer patients

Fasting mimicking diet increased the pathological response rate in breast cancer patients. Triple negative breast cancer seems to have an excellent response

Integrative CANCER THERAPIES in pancreatic cancer

Vit D analogue paricalcitol, high dose IVC, Hydroxy chloroquine for pancreatic cancer

Desloratidine reduces risk of death from breast cancer

Study from Swedish women with newly diagnosed breast cancer had longer survival when taking desloratidine, clemastine, ebastine or loratidine.

Statins can suppress cancer spread to the brain

University of Notre dame study showing the mechanism how statin can slow down cancer into the brain

When cancer cells need fats

Cancer cells in the absence of fats as fuel source will try take what’s available in the surrounding environment

Cancer cells irregardless of type affected immune response

Cancer cells depresses immune responses as well as decrease the number of antigen presenting cells.

Vitamin C and hyperthermia in NSCLC

IV vitamin C plus hyperthermia extended the lifespan and more importantly the quality of life of the NSCLC patients, heavily pre treated with chemotherapy