If you can’t beat them, turn them to fat cells

Tricking breast cancer cells to become fats cells rather than metastasize! Brilliant


Cancer drug profit exceeds R&D costs by at least 10x

Cancer drugs profit by originator companies by a margin of $10 per dollar spent on R&D

The promise and reality of precision medicine


Doctors’ bias affect treatment options

Patients are biased towards treatment options by doctors who have pre conceived judgements.

Pharmacological doses of ascorbate for pancreatic cancer

Intravenously vit c protect normal cells from radiation while increasing Sensitization of cancer cells to it.

Exosomes from cancer cells contribute to metastasis

Paclitaxel and doxorubicin promotes cancer cells to produce exosomes that promotes cancer metastasis.

Drug to block Cancer drug resistance

Singapore’s Dr used a novel drug to block. Cancer resistance to drugs