Mebendazole against Pancreatic cancer

Anti parasitic drugs show. Activity against Pancreatic cancer cells

Persister cells

Cancer cells that persists after therapies can actually re grow and metastasize

Mebendazole for pancreatic cancer

Anti helminthic drug mebendazole shows promise in pancreatic cancer

Statins looks promising in TNBC

Lipophilic statins improved survival of early stage triple negative breast cancer

Metformin decrease survival in NSCLC treated with Chemotherapy

Metformin 2gm/day in NSCLC patients had a significantly lower survival than chemoradiotherapy alone

Itraconazole for Lung Cancer

Patients with higher blood levels of itraconazole, used as off label drug, had a decrease in size of lung tumors

Tetrathiomolybdate for TNBC

TM looks very promising in triple negative breast cancer

IVC: Review of literature

IVC Protocol

Lung cancer patients have toxoplasmosis

Majority of lung cancer patients have toxoplasma gondii infection

Aspirin as a cancer wonder drug

Aspirin reduced mortality from cancer by at least 20%