Green tea kills. Breast cancer cells thru several mechanisms

ECGC Inhibits glucose metabolism as well as causes cancer cell death thru mitochondrial depolarization


Vaccines as part of immunotherapy

Immunotherapy drugs don’t work well in cold tumors. Vaccines may help in cold Tunors

Papaverine to improve radiotherapy

Papaverine shuts mitochondrial function in cancer cells that make them more susceptible to radiation.

Cell free Dna for cancer monitoring

Oncologists still refuse circulating tumor. Cells as markers of disease progression. Its now cell free Dna analysis, when will they start looking into this important diagnostic tool

Conventional Cancer treatment industry in panic

As 4/10 Americans believe alternative or. Complementary therapies cures cancer. Standard treatments do not.

Protein cuts fat in obese mice

FGFBP3 increase fast metabolism even in obese mice.

Cancer will deplete your savings

42% of new cancer patients lose their savings and are in debt due to treatment costs