Using lasers to detect cancer

Using photo acoustic signatures of tissue can detect cancer without biopsies

Chemotherapy makes cancer cells metastasiza later in life

Breast cancer patients can have recurrence due to “sleeper cancer cells”

Gold based molecules for cancer

Gold based molecules are more. Effective in cancer treatment than cisplatin

Breast to brain metastasis

First study to show how brain cells co opt with breast cancer cells to metastasize

Hormone therapy after radiation in prostate cancer might cause harm

Prostate cancer Patients with low PSA <1.5ng/ml are more likely to have shorter survival when given hormone therapy after radiotherapy

Menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer

Use of estradiol and progesterone after menopause is associated with higher risk of breast cancer

Stress promotes cancer growth

Cancer cells recruit nerve cells to be able to protect itself from the immune cells