Fats as a promoter of metastasis

Cancer stems cell with cd36 marker takes in fat as fuel that drives metastasis https://youtu.be/Yduu8wBUtW0

SENBd as a trojan horse

SENBd used as a drug to kill cancer cells without harming Normal cells

Ketogenic Metabolic therapy against Breast Cancer

Cancer cells rely on glucose. Ketones are not a fuel. Source for cancer cells

Reviving Tumor inflitrating lymphocytes

Using IL-10 rejuvenate terminally exhausted tumor infiltrating lymphocytes

High doses of vit c kills breast cancer cells

High dose vit c disrupts the TCA cycles, blocks glycolysis and generate oxidative stress, causing cancer cells to die

Mebendazole vs fenbendazole

At cancer care Oncology, Mebendazole is the preferred drug

Sulfasalazine for pancreatic cancer

Sulfasalazine showed some anti tumor effect on Pancreatic cancer

Amino acid restrictions in cancer

Restrictions of lysine is an important modality to reduce cancer cell growth

Its not just sugar in cancer stem cells

Cancer stem cells can. Utilize lipid.droplets or increase in enzyme activity to adapt to low glucose environment

Home based Protocol Against Covid