Acid base imbalance as cancer pathogenesis

Intra cellular pH of cancer cell is 7.8, while extra cellular pH around the cancer is 7.1

Coffee and vit c kills breast cancer cells

Coffee extracts of Arabica and vit c caused MCF – 7 cell death in vitro

Selenium compounds against cancer

Selenium modulates the immune response to cancer

Huang Qin Tang against liver cancer

Herbal formulation of licorice, peonies, skullcap and dates found to inhibit cancer growth and increase efficacy of cancer drugs

Sleep deprivation in cancer patients

Sleep of less than 7 hrs decrease immune system response. Also have a decline in lymphocytes and natural killer cells

Cancer is a lonely place

A lady’s feeling of isolation after a cancer diagnosis

Anti depressants for prostate cancer

MAO Inhibitors decrease androgen receptor signaling in prostate cancer patients