Cell free DNA in normal population may have cancer mutations present

Liquid biopsy using blood as sample, yielded cell free DNA that contains cancer causing mutations even in normal subjects. This may cause false positives in many cancer patients.


MicroRNA as kill. Switch to. Cancer

Kill codes on the RNA can help remove tumors without chemotherapy or radiation

Mannose slows down cancer cells growth

Simple sugar mannose found in fruits as well as aloe can decrease cancer growth

Dendritic cell vaccines using tissue platforms

Monocytes travel through tissue matrix mimicking how it develops to become a dendritic cell.

Green tea kills. Breast cancer cells thru several mechanisms

ECGC Inhibits glucose metabolism as well as causes cancer cell death thru mitochondrial depolarization

Vaccines as part of immunotherapy

Immunotherapy drugs don’t work well in cold tumors. Vaccines may help in cold Tunors

Papaverine to improve radiotherapy

Papaverine shuts mitochondrial function in cancer cells that make them more susceptible to radiation.