Learn how to use off label drugs for cancer

Cheap drugs that actually work against cancer via McClelland Map

Blocking cancer metabolism with off label drugs

Using drugs such as metformin, doxycycline, mebendazole and atorvastatin or the COC protocol for cancer

Intravenous and intra tumoral Mistletoe therapy

High doses of Mistletoe Helixor can shrink tumors quickly. A very safe procedure

Persistence of oral HPV in oropharyngeal cancer patients associated with lower survival

Oral HPV DNA load in patients with oropharyngeal cancer who had received primary therapy persists. This persistence is associated with lower survival rate

Modified citrus pectin against cancer metastasis

Citrus peels contain pectin that stop cancer from metastasis

Skin reaction to PdL1 drugs associated with better response

Skin reaction to PD L1 immunotherapy drugs can be a sign of better response

Weight gain and obesity are a risk factor to cancer

Fats can cause low level chronic inflammation that triggers a lot of degenerative conditions