Transformation of Non small cell to small cell lung cancer

EGFR mutant NSCLC can transform to SCLC!


Flax seeds may protect postmenopausal women with breast cancer

Flax seed and tamoxifen were compared with breast cancer women as to cytokine levels.

Head and neck tumors with PIK3 mutations benefit from aspirin

5-yr survival of patients with head and neck cancer are hight in patients taking aspirin

If you can’t beat them, turn them to fat cells

Tricking breast cancer cells to become fats cells rather than metastasize! Brilliant

Cancer drug profit exceeds R&D costs by at least 10x

Cancer drugs profit by originator companies by a margin of $10 per dollar spent on R&D

The promise and reality of precision medicine

Doctors’ bias affect treatment options

Patients are biased towards treatment options by doctors who have pre conceived judgements.