Oral bacteria can cause Pancreatic cancer

Fusobacterium nucleatum and Granulicatella adiacens in cyst fluid from IPMN with high-grade dysplasia. The elevated intracystic bacterial DNA is associated with, but not limited to, prior exposure to invasive endoscopic procedures, and is independent from use of PPI and antibiotics.

New treatment options? Interleukin 2

Tiny beads containing cells that secretes IL-2 helps with activating the immune cells

Complete remission using repurposed drugs

Ten case reports of patients using repurposed drugs successfully into complete remission

Annual Conference for the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

An almost forgotten combination

Alpha lipoic acid, hydroxycitrate and low. Dose naltrexone improves cancer survival

Statins against breast cancer metastasis

Statins breast cancer Cholesterol gives cancer cells the platform to metastasize

An important aspect of cancer therapy…

Cancer cells when they die release a lot of inflammatory cytokines, paradoxically causing more inflammation and feed other cancer cells to grow. Resolvins from omega 3 family seems to counter these adverse effects

Metabolic alterations in hematologic malignancies

Leukemia and lymphoma have arguably a different metabolic profile compared to solid malignancy

Vit C for Covid-19

Iv vitamin C helps in patients with severe Covid

Vit C mechanism of action in cancer

High dose vitamin C works by several mechanisms