Bisphosphonates reduces breast cancer recurrence ?

Bisphosphonates are said to reduce cancer recurrence and mortality  by <2%. That maybe significant statistically but thats not the whole picture. is it really cost effective, whats the cost to benefit ratio? Reasearch is so in love with “statistical significance ” , explain that to women that at 5 years they will have 1.4% less chances of breast cancer…


Today was the big appointment with my oncologist during which I planned to tell her, vehemently, that I had broken up with tamoxifen, and that I had already noticed a significant improvement in my quality of life. I had my argument planned in my head, had all my answers, research and sass ready. To say I was resolute would […]

Vit d and anti inflammatory works well together

Curcumin is a COX inhibitor and is a better agent than synthetic ones

Breast cancer animation

BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy |

BRCA Breast Cancer Genes and Soy |

Definitive evidence that SOY doesnt cause but actually prevent breast cancer!

Sleep is integral to any cancer treatment

Sleep is integral to any cancer treatment

Sleep is one of the most important yet neglected aspect of any treatment

Breast cancer vs Seaweeds

Breast cancer vs Seaweeds

Pollutants in Californian Breast Tissue |

Pollutants in Californian Breast Tissue |

Vit D improve breast cancer mortality

Thats why Vit D is important in ANY cancer diagnosis

Brocolli against Cancer stem cells

Brocolli against Cancer stem cells

Striking cancer cells at the core!