Cancer cells can escape EGFR inhibitors

Sadly, cancer cells over time will develop resistance to EGFR inhibitors. Most will develop cancer relapse according to this author.

opdivo for lung cancer

Acupuncture for Lung Cancer

Acupuncture for Lung Cancer

Great study on how acupuncture works not just for lung cancer but for all

Radiotherapy + Intravenous Vitamin C

A patient of ours was diagnosed to have lung cancer. What is unique is that his tumor is so huge that it has encased his innominate artery as well as impinged on his recurrent laryngeal nerves that caused him to have difficulty breathing, eating and hoarseness of voice.

His oncologist wanted to do chemotherapy but he refused. I was able to convince him that at least do radiotherapy to shrink the tumors and buy some time coz intravenous Vit C can work wonders but not overnight.

So family finally agreed. He had 15 sessions of radiotherapy and follow-up scans showed the tumors to shrink so dramatically even the radiologist couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He still has at least 10 more sessions. I’m pretty confident it will shrink further to millimeter sizes.