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It’s time we really study diets as treatment for cancer

So many diets are being promoted as anti cancer, yet there’s none yet that shows real benefit to over all survival or relapse.


Cancer blood test with 90% accuracy

Using gold nano particles, Cancer Dna can be detected

Methotrexate induced brain damage

Methotrexate can induce microglial activities that causes myelin loss, oligodendrocyte death. Hence chemo. Brain

Ionic Detoxification reduces fatty liver in rats

First study that show ionic Detoxification actually works

Breast cancer stem cells hiding in the bone marrow

Cancer stem cells hiding in bone marrow can cause relapse. Flushing them out to kill them can reduce relapse rates

Lung cancer biopsy and the presence of bacteria and fungi

Mycoplasma was found in 100% of samples of lung cancer tissue biopsy

Quantum dots against lung cancer

Quantum dots made from tea leaves were shown to be effective against lung cancer cells