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Metformin decrease survival in NSCLC treated with Chemotherapy

Metformin 2gm/day in NSCLC patients had a significantly lower survival than chemoradiotherapy alone

Itraconazole for Lung Cancer

Patients with higher blood levels of itraconazole, used as off label drug, had a decrease in size of lung tumors

Tetrathiomolybdate for TNBC

TM looks very promising in triple negative breast cancer

IVC: Review of literature

IVC Protocol

Lung cancer patients have toxoplasmosis

Majority of lung cancer patients have toxoplasma gondii infection

Aspirin as a cancer wonder drug

Aspirin reduced mortality from cancer by at least 20%

Avoid PET scans for 4 weeks after covid vax

Ten percent ( 6/67) of patients who had a covid vax after a median of 13 days had positive lymph node involvement on a PET scanhttps://www.medpagetoday.com/radiology/diagnosticradiology/92800

Ketogenic diet for glioblastoma

Targetting ketone:glucose ratio of 4 can actual help shrink brain cancer

Progesterone affects estrogen positive tumors

Progesterone therapy can shrink tumors in breast cancer even in the presence of estrogen

Fats as a promoter of metastasis

Cancer stems cell with cd36 marker takes in fat as fuel that drives metastasis https://youtu.be/Yduu8wBUtW0