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Chemo drug price tripled coz studies showed lower doses were effective as well

Imbruvica by Janssens made lower dose tablets at the same price as the 120mg tablet.


Pembrolizumab shown to be “better” than standard chemotherapy in lung cancer

But honestly, median survival of 5 months which was significant by the way. Is this realistically significant though, adding the financial burden to it?

Extra vesicular MicroRNAs control cancer environment

MiR-105, an encapsulated extra vesicle influences cancer associated fibroblasts to feed cancer cells in times of plenty or detoxify and convert wastes to energy. Thats what I call support.

Stem cells and mitochondria: Secrets to Total Rejuvenation

Come to Manila on May 2-3,2018 for our second annual event. #iaims2018 #iaim2018

Lung cancer heterogeneity is the reason for chemo resistance

Yet another study proving chemotherapy is not effective in eradicating solid tumors.

How clear cell renal carcinoma spreads

Description of how cancer cell progress to metastasis

Where people forget to die

Ikaria, Greece is your destination