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Opioids spur cancer growth

The use of morphine and derivatives can increase the growth of cancer and metastasis

Integrative approach TO Colorectal cancer

KRAS Mutations addressed by statins and Virgin coconut oil

Five things you learn with cancer

You realize what is important is not what you have.

Tox for invigorating exhausted T cells

T CELLS can get exhausted from mounting an immune response. Tox gene in T cells can help regulate T cells population

Even doctors are left out

Cancer Diagnosis is hard. Even doctors are left in the dark of the grim diagnosis when they become patients themselves

Laser kills cancer cells in the blood

Use of lasers to target and kill circulating tumor cells looks promising as it is non invasive and can prevent metastasis

Gut dysbiosis is a factor for breast cancer aggressiveness

Presence of dysbiosis in hormone positive breast tumor cells is a significant factor to tumor cell behavior