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Circulating Tumor DNA bases for cancer diagnosis

A single blood test can detect 8 types of cancer, CANCERSEEK is still in its infant stages


BRCA mutations are not a predictor of higher mortality

Patients with BRCA mutations are 45 -90% more likely to develop breast or ovarian cancer, but mortality is about the same as patients with non mutated BRCA gene.

Osimertinib for EGFR Non small cell carcinoma

Versus other EGFR inhibitors, osimertinib showed longer progression free survival time

Asian Flush from alcohol get higher risk of esophageal cancer

People with a mutant ALD2 gene, are more likely to damage their stem cell DNA. These people flush when drinking alcohol which are more common in Asian population.

Beta Blockers may improve pancreatic cancer survival

non-selective beta blockers were found to be of benefit in mouse models , when chemotherapy was performed. Mouse who had beta blockers lived longer.

E. coli Nisle engineered to kill colon cancer cells

The bacteria E. coli NISLE was genetically engineered to secrete an enzyme when attached to colon cancer cells and allow cruciferous vegetables to attack the cancer cells.

Higher Vitamin B12 levels have shorter survival in cancer

Patients with higher >691pg/ml of vitaminB12 were found to have a shorter time to progression.