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Diet can influence chemotherapy effectiveness

Oncologists keeps harping eat what you want, it doesnt matter.


Lung cancer is poised to over take breast cancer mortality

Lung and breast cancer Patients in high income countries are projected to have higher death rates than in middle income countries… Thats weird? Its the chemotherapy effect

Chemotherapy gives no additional benefit in 5yr survival

But you won’t hear that info from oncologists, it seems only economists think this data is significant.

Cancer drug costs an issue in China

Dying to survive is a movie about a leukemia patient importing Chemotherapy drugs from India, highlighting the issues on drug costs

Definite proof Insulin injections and higher Insulin load is a cancer risk factor

Higher Insulin load in patients with colorectal. Cancer are at higher risk of cancer recurrence

Truth of Cancer author comes to Manila

Ty Bollinger visits Manila and other South East Asian countries to document. How we treat cancer with natural therapies

When gene editing cause more harm than previously thought

CRISPER Cas9 gene editing can wreak havoc on Dna repair systems and might induce cancer later