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How breast cancer spread to bones

CXCL5/CXCR5 axis involved in the spread of breast cancer

Colon cancer – associated bacteria

Four bacteria linked to pathogenesis of colon cancer

Metformin for ovarian cancer

Ottawa researchers found metformin can prevent and treat ovarian cancer

Tumor organoids not on a petri dish

Growing cancer organoids rather than single cancer cells are a better approach to testing drugs

Fungus drives pancreatic cancer

Malasezzia sp. Found in pancreatic cancer cells spurs its growth. Killing the fungus with anti fungals stops its from growing

Cryoablation as replacement to surgery

Cryoablation or freezing tumors can not only kill cancer cells but also evoke an immune response

Morphine promotes angiogenesis and tumor progression

Mouse models showed morphine stimulated angiogenesis and tumor growth of triple negative breast cancer cells