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Giving pre operative meds to prevent metastasis

Giving propanolol and etodolac 3 days prior to surgery up to 1 week can decrease markers of inflammation and metastasis


Modified polio virus for brain tumors

Brain tumors are infected with a modified polio virus that will destroy the cancer cells.

PD-L1 is expressed in metastatic colon cancer cells

Comparing tumors from the primary to metastatic sites, PD-L1 receptors were higher in metatastic sites.

Cellphones can cause brain cancer, Italian court ruled!

A telecom employee using a cellphone for 3 hours a day as part of his job sued.

Targeting GADPH in cancer cells

Drug companies keep looking for inhibitors of GADPH, studies already shown vit c (ascorbate) is a GADPH which is glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase that blocks glycosis in cancer cells.

DeVita’s problem

Dr Vince De Vita is probably one of the best known pioneers of chemotherapy, showing how cancer specifically Hodgkin’s Lymphoma can be treated.

Years laters, becoming physician in Chief of Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital which is now the best cancer hospital in the world, he quits as he couldn’t stand the bureaucracy. According to the hospital president, it was because he wanted to cure cancer. What’s wrong with that?

Melatonin decreases paclitaxel toxicity in rats

Melatonin at 10mg/kg reduced the chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy by at least 40% in rats.