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Interesting cancer metabolism related to NAD

Cancer cells need NAD in order to Rapidly multiply. Cancer uses fermentation instead of aerobic glycolysis to generate more NAD without the inhibitory effect of ATP

Milk intake is associated with higher igf-1

Milk increases igf – 1 and can actually cause increase risk of colorectal Cancer

Pancreatic enzymes and T cell therapy against cancer

An Australian based company is now researching combining T cell therapy with Pancreatic enzymes for cell differentiation.

Baking soda against leukemia

T cells become paralyzed in the presence of lactic acid. SODIUM BICARBONATE or baking soda reverses lactic acid effects.

Metabolic alteration of cancer cells

Cancer cells via Metabolic switches can increase its growth rate and invasiveness. Blocking certain proteins can make cancer cells less invasive

Aspirin reverse Chemotherapy drug resistance

Pre treatment with aspirin made cancer stem cells sensitive to doxorubicin in breast cancer cells

A. Metastasis map of cancer

Metastatic potential of gene markers

Metabolic road map of cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital and Dana Farber institute Doctors mapped the metabolic changes in cancer cells

Keto or high fat diets increase cancer growth?

High fat diets impairs your CD8 t cells and increase cancer cell growth

Melatonin for Advanced prostate cancer

Melatonin increased overall survival by more than twice of that in the placebo group