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How stress stimulate metastasis

Cathecolamines and cortisol spurs cancer cell metastasis and angiogenesis

Diet modification and cancer biology

From fasting to restricting glucose, tips to improve cancer survival.

Metformin and MYC oncogene

Metformin downregulates the MYC gene

Metformin and syrosingopine: NAD depletion

Combination of metformin and syrosingopine blocks NADH enzyme pathway

Angiosarcoma spontaneous remission

How a man with no therapy done has complete regression of angiosarcoma

Vitamin C and fasting mimicking diet against KRAS cancer

Fasting mimicking diet Potentiates vitamin C and oxaplatin toxicity in KRAS mutant cancers

Targetting glutamine metabolism suppress tumor associated macrophages

Glutamine increases metabolism of. Cancer cells as well as the myeloid cells in.the microenvironment