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Tisotumab for advanced multiple cancer types

Tisotumab vedotin targets tissue factor present in advanced cancer


Propranolol and etodola to prevent metastasis after surgery

It’s been noted patients after removal of tumor develop recurrence or micro metastasis on the site of primary tumor. This study suggest using this drug combo to minimise metastasis

Mistletoe improve survival in Lung cancer patients

Mistletoe injections in addition to chemotherapy doubles the survival time of patients with stage 4 Lung cancer patients

Statins and breast cancer recurrence

Lipophilic Statins such as simvastatin may have some activity against breast cancer cells

Vit b12 a risk for lung cancer

Higher Vitamin B12 levels is associated with higher risk for adenocarcinoma and small cell lung cancer among women as well as current and previous smokers

Using nanoparticles to draw brain cancer cells away from the brain

Pied piper approach in treating glioblastoma

Iridium as a cancer therapy

Photo dynamic therapy using iridium, targets cancer cell nucleus