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Neu5gc, cancer initiator

People who eat red meats and dairy have. Higher anti Neu5gc, and higher risk to cancer

Most recent review on IV Vitamin C in cancer


More evidence of sugar and cancer growth

Paper discuss cancer growth with sugar and fats

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Orange peels and cancer

Modified citrus pectin from the peels and pulp of citrus fruits have shown anti metastatic effects on cancer

Metformin against ovarian cancer stem cells

Metformin causes a 2.4 fold decrease in cancer stem. Cells

Aspirin inhibits chemoresistance

Aspirin blocks the resistance ofcolon cancer cells to 5-FU

Antihistamines are associated with lower mortality in ovarian cancer

Cationic amphilic anti histamine including astemizole, desloratidine, ebastine, loratidine and clemastine are associated wirh lower mortality in patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Vitamin B3 can enhance Immunotherapies

Nicotinamide riboside can increase the number of tumor inflitrating lymphocytes

Oncolytic viruses and radiation

Cowpea mosaic virus and radiation looks. Promising