CAR t cell therapy causing some serious side effects 

Deadly cerebral edema have been reported 

High Platelet counts may mean a cancer diagnosis

Thrombocytosis can indicate the presence of cancer, even in the absence of actual tumors.

Bruess juice for cancer 

For whats it worth 

Tumor cells heterogeneity is true in all cancers

Instead of finding the best drug for the cancer cells why not change the environment to kills the same cancer cells?

Mother’s Milk is still the best even for cancer

Cancer cells seems to die faster with the presence of lactalbumin , a protein found in human milk

Thyroid cancer are over diagnosed 

Despite increasing rate of thyroid cancer, mortality from it remains about the same, prompting drs to avoid overscreening.

Platelet inhibitors may increase chemotherapy effectiveness

Platelet can decrease t cell immunity so platelet inhibitors might be a candidate for chemotherapy adjunct.