Ozone Therapies

Ozone or O³ is an unstable molecule consisting of 3 oxygen atoms. Discovered in the mid nineteenth century, its primary purpose in the atmosphere was to protect the Earth from UV radiation. This colorless, acrid smelling, explosive molecule is stable in 0 degrees temperature, but rapidly degrades as temperature increases.

During the 1950’s ozone was used extensive in Europe particularly in Germany as a disinfecting agent, ozone is now used as a bactericidal, virucidal agents agents almost all infections including HIV, SARS and Methicillin Resistant Stap aureus.

Ozone also activates the immune system, by increasing production of interferon, Tumor necrosis factor and Interleukin-2. It also promotes red blood cells glycolysis rate.

Presently there have been numerous methods of medical ozone treatments:

  1. Insufflattion of ears, rectal and vaginal cavities
  2. Bagging of non healing wounds with ozone
  3. IV fluid ozonization
  4. Ozone hemotherapy, where blood is extracted, ozonated and reinfused or injected to affected areas
  5. Extracorporeal Blood oxygenations and ozonization (EBOO), where blood is passed thru a dialysis filter, ozonated before it is returned to the patient.

EBOO (video) is probably the best of the best in terms of ozone treatments, esp for those with chronic illness ie diabetes, chronic renal diseases, autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis as well as cancer.