Hyperthermia – Cooking cancer cells to commit suicide

Hyperthermia Clinic in the Philippines

We offer two type of services, one is to enhance the efficacy of existing mainstream modalities, meaning sensitizing cancer tumorous through the use of efficient hyperthermia, doubling the percentage of successful treatment.
We can also work with local radiation oncologists on low dose radiation treatment,  further enhanced by hyperthermia, which is administered shortly before, or after theradiation treatment. This is a series of daily treatments, called “rounds “of treatment.  The famous radiologist from Los Angeles, California, Dr.J. Bicher has publishes his experience with such treatment methods, with great success rate.
We alternate and combine mild whole body hyperthermia (38.5C-39C), together with local -regional hyperthermia, or strictly local-regional hyperthermia. We employ few devices for the  treatments, thus we are one of the most capable clinics in the field the world over. (please  compare clinic’s treatments and devices) , two Microwave range devices, at 915MHz and  2454MHz, of 200W output, and one is a short wave, 13.56 Mhz, induction type capacitor, at  1000W output.The most powerful device of it’s kind, with large internally cooled  applicator,efficiently treating deep seated solid tumours .Comparable devices in clinical use are ranging from 150W (Oncotherm EHY2000 ) and 600W (“”42Celcius + “” and Oncotherm EHY3000). Our team of RN’s areusing laser targeted thermograph gun to monitor minute  changes in patient temperature levels, ensuring effective but safe treatmens, and whole body  hyperthermia is done while patient is connected to state of the art patient electronic monitor.


5 thoughts on “Hyperthermia – Cooking cancer cells to commit suicide

  1. Hi, my sister have stage 4 breast cancer & completed chemo therapy last November 2016 in Manila, and now have recurred . Can you treat a stage 4 breast cancer that have metastasize to lungs, bone, liver ? Thanks.

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