Remarkable turn around

A friend referred this breast cancer survivor to me because of severe pain in her right hand. I could see its swollen. The initial diagnosis was neuropathy but we know better. This is lymphangitic invasion. She was already operated, chemo and radio-therapied 2 years ago.After a session of Access Healing, she felt better less pain, … Continue reading Remarkable turn around

Paranoid schizoprenia

I am humbled to meet and help a 48-yr old male who is currently semi-employed, meaning he's earning like less than $4 in lets say a week!He was referred to me by a patient of mine, who gives him money for his anti-psychotic medications. He was on Thorazine 600mg daily! I couldn't believe he could even walk straight.Anyway, afterwh we did Access, he was very much relieved of his paranoid delusions of … Continue reading Paranoid schizoprenia

In a jiffy

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful and smart lady who unfortunately was diagnosed to have depression.She graduated from college last year but apparently was already having depression. She was given antidepressants for 6 months but mom noted she was just going "crazier."I tried to communicate with her, she was either bored … Continue reading In a jiffy

BARS and Access

Its been a hectic week for me. Just had classes for BARS and Access. It was great! I feel revitalized, scrubed, bleached and spanking new!My energy level is way way up and sleep is great even if it was only a few hoursEven my kids are doing what I'm doing, which is POC and PODing … Continue reading BARS and Access

Patient deluge

Ever since we included BARS access therapy in our program for our patients, we suddenly have seen a jump in the number of patients we are seeing. This is a testament to the effect and wonders of what BARS can really do to our patients. My praise and admiration to Dave and Claude for their … Continue reading Patient deluge