House Call: Stand Up for Your Health

House Call: Stand Up for Your Health. Stand up every 30 mins to decrease risk of diseases

Colorectal Cancer risk with Androgen Deprivation

It feels like double jeopardy

Cory Aquino has passed Away

Former President Corazon Aquino is now at the hospital in pain due to cancer of colon. Even in her weakest state of health, she once again has come and united the Filipino people in praying and supporting her. I find that a wonderful trait of Mrs. Aquino, that she can still muster a great number … Continue reading Cory Aquino has passed Away


I've been doing research lately on the effect of anti-angiogenesis on cancer growth. I'm sure there are a lot of studies on it, specfically for the VEGF inhibitors for lung and colorectal cancers. But that's not the only thing that is out there.There are a lot of herbs that also seem to arrest tumor growth … Continue reading Anti-angiogenesis