Close call

I was at the hospital yesterday. The patient with gastric cancer check himself to the hospital because he was so weak and in pain. His abdomen was so tense, must be due to the tumor obstruction in the rectum.  When I saw him, he was really having a hard time I could see. He hasn't slept … Continue reading Close call

Last phase of his journey

The patient with gastric cancer has now come to the part where there is no turning  back. His cancer has come back with metastasis to the rectum which has obstructed it. A stent had to be placed to relieve the obstruction. Aside from this, pulmonary and hepatic metastasis are also present.But still.... he is adamant … Continue reading Last phase of his journey

Patient’s concern

The patient with gastric cancer is now more concerned with what will happen to those who he will leave in case he will pass away.I feel so sad that the reason for his worries are not of self but of those who will left behind. I really admire his altruism.I wonder how those people who … Continue reading Patient’s concern