Don’t market stem-cell products ahead of proof : Nature News & Comment

Don’t market stem-cell products ahead of proof : Nature News & Comment. I had a cancer patient given stem cells, and poor guy the tumor grew 100%    

Lung cancer with embryonic stem cells

We had a patient who received daily IM injections of stem cells as well as weekly intravenous stem cell therapyUnfortunately the lung cancer grew. Looked into stemcells as lung cancer treatment yielded almost no studies published on the web except on rats ...

Stem cells and Vitamin C

Researchers in Guangzhou China have found that vitamin C induces somatic cells or mature cells that are present in all our organs, to become pluripotent stem cells.Moreover, vitamin C seems to unblock a cell's programming for senescence (or aging) to become a pleuripotent stem cell. Hmmmm more reason to take those Vitamin c. So now, … Continue reading Stem cells and Vitamin C

Stem Cells

I just came across a product that is claimed to have stimulating effect on a body's own stem cells. This is not like other products that uses embryos, placental tissues or from other animals. Its from Spirulina. This would definitely be good for vegetarians and those who are against embryo harvesting. The question remains, is … Continue reading Stem Cells