Pancreatic cancer on the rise

Previous years, we would see at most 3 a year, last year we saw at least 8 patients with pancreatic cancer

Tea tree and lavender oil are estrogenic

Patients with estrogen positive cancers are advised to avoid terpenes from theses essential oils

Gut bacteria drives autoimmunity

Enterococcus gallinarum, a bacterium they discovered is able to spontaneously “translocate” outside of the gut to lymph nodes, the liver, and spleen.

CAR T cell for leukemia

CAR T cell therapy (Kymriah), $475000; was effective for a child with B cell lymphoblastic leukemia

Nanobots for cancer

Nanobots are being developed as a way to choke off blood supplies to a tumor

Killing chemo resistant Cervical cancer cells with radiotherapy and glucose imitators

2-deoxy glucose with radiotherapy miles chemo resistant cancer cells

Ultra processed foods and cancer

Taking ultra processed food incurs additional risk for cancer in a French community based study

Propranolol in melanoma

Propanolol reduces recurrence of melanoma by 80%

Aluminum in deodorants are cancer stimulators

Aluminum in deodorants can increae risk for breast cancer

Fast food causes inflammation

Fat and sugar cause inflammatory reactions to the immune system that last longer than 4 weeks, even if switched to a low fat/sugar diet