Hyperthermia clinic in the Philippines

We are the first Hyperthermia treatment clinic in the Philippines. Our range of 

devices however,put us at the top of the field, worldwide. We employ wide range of 

devices, capable of treating tumors at all depths within the human body. Short waves 

(2 types), Microwave range (2 types), Whole body Infrared (systemic Hyperthermia)as 

well as MM waves, Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy (powerful @ 180W output), 

Soft Laser therapy & Biocell, PLUS Ozone therapy and Ionic detoxification. 
In fact, we are world- first in the unique concept we bring to Hyperthermia treatments, whereby we use 

multi-frequency treatments, in order to prevent cancer cells from developing resistance to the effect of 

the treatment, as it does with Chemotherapy, for example. 
We just do it better, not only with superior machinery, but with applying various devices, of various

frequencies, during the course of day’s treatments. Our treatment is superior to most every European

clinic, because of this, and the fact our ratio of nurses to patients is far superior, @ no more than 2 

patients per nurse,allowing for more careful, safer, and more comforting service then service offered at

other clinics.

We operate in a fully owned facility, in a far more competitive (pricewise..) region. We give all the price 

savings back to our patrons! Since we do not operate this facility strictly for profit gain motivation, we 

charge just enough to pay our expenses. Wise patients, take advantage of this, for their health! 

Because of our experience with our results,we are confident in offering money back guarantee, something 

other facilities and clinics the world over do not do. We are proud to be the no. One choice of the wise

patient .Please visit our main page.