Breast Cancer

I took pictures of this patients before and after 3 weeks of treatment. I was taken aback at the speed at which the tumor has shrunk. Upon measuring this mass, it was at the beginning around 13cm, and at the time I took the second set of pictures, it was already around 6cm.

We did some iscador injections as well as Wobenzymes, EFAs (Budwig Diet) etc.

At present, even though there was really a big difference in the size, the family is now very adamant at chemotherapy, I won’t interfere. I give them advice, I don’t decide for my patients. Their paths must be carved by their own decisions rather than by others.

We, as an individual must be able to decide what is best for ourselves, provided we have all the information at hand. I want the patients to have the full satisfation and free from regret of what they are doing or have done. So that they won’t be constantly looking back at their decisions if it was the right one or not.


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