Why Might Vegetarians Have Less HPV? | NutritionFacts.org

Why Might Vegetarians Have Less HPV? | NutritionFacts.org. Better way to clear HPV infections

Brain-penetrating particle attacks deadly tumors

Phys.Org Mobile: Brain-penetrating particle attacks deadly tumors. This is a very interesting article

Doctors Don’t Follow Their Own Advice on Medical Treatment

Doctors Don't Follow Their Own Advice on Medical Treatment. Even Doctors are afraid of chemo, as more than 80% said no to chemotherapy!

Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

I have been seeing a 65 yr old female with metastatic breast cancer for about a month now. She came back coz the cancer grew back from the MRM. It was growing fast but the patient didnt want to do chemotherapy anymore.So it was decided that we try homeopathic medicines. After about 1 month or … Continue reading Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

A refreshing start

For whatever reasons that my subconscious mind has given me, I'm quite ok now I could say. Seems like the gloom over my head has slowly dissipated and disappeared. I'm quite optimistic of seeing patients.Speaking of patients, one of my patients was trying to convince me of buying one of her "new found" products.There's such … Continue reading A refreshing start

Tumor Regression

I had just m et my patient with liver cancer who had also lung metastasis. Good news always follows bad news, that's seems to be the pattern in my experiences.Previously in my blog, I mentioned him to undergo a procedure to divert his bile due to the enlarging liv er tumor. Because of the procedure, … Continue reading Tumor Regression

Humbling Experience

I just came from a lecture by a Chinese Prof. who has a cancer hospital in China (Fuda Cancer hospital). What is strange, was it didn't use therapies from China, but rather technologies from the USA. They have cryoablation, photodynamic therapies, dendritic cell vaccines, immunotherapy as well as chemoablation.They claimed to have a very good … Continue reading Humbling Experience

Bravery: Women vs Men

I recently had a Breast Cancer patient with an already oozing lesion on the nipple area. She was advised to have chemotherapy prior to surgery. She refused to do the chemo, feeling that it will hasten her poor health.Instead, she opted to have all those Vit C, B17 injections. Lost and unable to express what … Continue reading Bravery: Women vs Men

Nutrition in Cancer

I just came back from seeing my patient with liver cancer who had just had a t-tube placed due to the blockage of the bile ducts. He is still weak from the surgery and the hospitalization. In fact, I felt a sense of desperation on his part, mainly because he is usually strong and up … Continue reading Nutrition in Cancer

Passed away

I am totally shocked right now, knowing that one of my patients had just passed away. He was just hospitalized for pneumonia but apparently, things got worse than better. I was already looking forward of seeing him again, after his wife called and told me that he was looking to see me too!His condition was … Continue reading Passed away