Tumor Regression

I had just m et my patient with liver cancer who had also lung metastasis. Good news always follows bad news, that’s seems to be the pattern in my experiences.

Previously in my blog, I mentioned him to undergo a procedure to divert his bile due to the enlarging liv er tumor. Because of the procedure, he started having difficulty eating, he lost about 20 lbs in less than 2 weeks, which was very alarming. So we had to do something quickly to increase his food intake. He then, decided that its time to end his vegetarianism and started eating meat again. Good thing though, even if he was losing weight, his tumor did not grow larger as I had anticipated.

And then, he was introduced to a pranic healer, and I would say it has helped him a lot. You can see for yourself the change in size of the tumor.

WOW!!! Ain’t GOD so wonderful that at the very time we thought that things will go for the worst, it was the other way around!!!

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