There was this guy who was a carpenter before he got sick. He had multiple nodules on the right side of his lungs. It didn't look good, doctors wanted to do biopsy. They had no money for the said procedure. He was wasting away slowly, coughing incessantly.He came to our charity clinic. Felt so bad … Continue reading !!!Unbelievable!!!

Happy Doctor

I had this patient who had prostate cancer with metastasis to the bones. Luckily for all of us, the metastasis is not giving him pain!Prior to his discharge from the hospital, he asked his daughter why is it that I was always seem so happy? My first reaction was to laugh out loud and shake … Continue reading Happy Doctor

Bone metastasis

Almost all my patients who have passed away seem to succumb sooner or later to bone metastasis. This is the most painfull of all the pain there is today, and to avoid having bone metastasis is my number one priority.Once symptomatic bone metastasis sets in, everything else is unimportant. Only pain is the concern of … Continue reading Bone metastasis