There was this guy who was a carpenter before he got sick. He had multiple nodules on the right side of his lungs. It didn’t look good, doctors wanted to do biopsy. They had no money for the said procedure. He was wasting away slowly, coughing incessantly.

He came to our charity clinic. Felt so bad for him and his family. The wife was the one supporting them when he got sick. She was so desperate.

Since they lived about 80kms from our clinic, the best thing I could do for him was to give him the ginseng powder…

After 3 months, he came back. I didn’t recognize him, coz he was looking better and had more muscle in his face and body. He told me he’s back to working though not at 100%. That’s still better than only one breadwinner in the family.

Gave him 1 more ginseng powder, and happily he went back home. His face was… as the cliche said.. “PRICELESS!”

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