How normal organs cells travel to other organs

NALCN, pushing sodium out of cells are key regulators to cells ability to travel from one organ to another

Mistletoe therapy

One of the best and most cost effective therapy. Thats the power of vinca alkaloids

Telomere repeat RNA

Breaking telomerase enzymes

Fungus in tumors

Not only are there bacteria but fungi also live in these tumors!!

Cancer epidemic next

Cancer is growing esp in those below 50 yrs of age. Read here

Cancer stem cells : are you addressing it too?

Conventional cancer therapy barely scratch cancer stemcells much less discussion about it by Oncologist.

Fasting mimicking diet against triple negative Breast cancer

Fmd increases the effectiveness of immunotherapy in triple negative Breast cancer.

New small molecule as PDL1 inhibitor

Reason why some people refuse Surgery

Surgery can induce metastasis if not done properly

Fish oil DHA kills cancer cells

Cancer cells greed for fatty acids triggers cancer cells to die off. DHA accumulate in the cancer until it forms lipid droplets that overloaded cells and dies.