Anti histamines for cancer

Loratidine, desloratidine, astemizole showed significant reduction in mortality in Non small cell lung cancer

Fenbendazole in Korea

A Korean American dr has called on the Korean government to start a clinical trial on Fenbendazole for

Cancer drugs all going after the wrong targets

Only 3% of chemotherapy drugs under clinical trials have actually been approved since 2000.

Thiamine deficiency can lead to psychiatric symptoms in cancer patients

All cancer patients with psychiatric symptoms were found to have low thiamine levels

Colorectal cancer cells mutate to chemotherapy like bacteria to antibiotics

Colorectal cancer cells have adaptive mutability making it less sensitive to targeted therapies

When cancer medicine isn’t about cancer patients

Pharma Companies pay out drs to tout drugs that has a low benefit to harm ratio

Sleeper cancer cells turn to zombies

Senescent or sleeping cancer cells eat neighboring cells to sustain itself.