Fish oil DHA kills cancer cells

Cancer cells greed for fatty acids triggers cancer cells to die off. DHA accumulate in the cancer until it forms lipid droplets that overloaded cells and dies.

Berberine against lung cancer cells

Berberine besides lowering blood sugar and decrease weight, it helps fight against lung cancer cells

Berberine as a chemosensitizer

Berberine is a great addition to any cancer treatment regimen. It can be used together with chemo and radiation therapy

A very informative file

Treat cancers using multiple strategies

Keto Diet in Mice

Keto diet seems to make Ovarian cancer cells in mice!

Using sound waves to blast cancer cells

Histotripsy or using ultrasonic waves to kill cancer cells. A real good option against tumors

Intracellular bacteria in cancer cells help them survive!

Cancer cells with intracellular bacteria makes them hardier to be able to survive in the blood stream and sadly more easy for them to Metastasize to other tissue.

Iron eaters.. Insatiable cancer cells

Cancer cells take up iron to improve its ability to multiply


Ten grams of L arginine sensitizes brain metastatic tumors during radiotherapy

Ketogenic diet is promising in Pancreatic cancers

Ketogenic diet extend the survival of Pancreatic cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy