Targeting multiple cancer metabolism pathway

Inhibiting LDH and Mas via goosypol and phenformin lowers ATP production in cancer cells

Ketogenic diets and BRAF mutations

Dietary fats are promoters of the BRAF gene that causes increase tumor growth. Cancers with BRAF mutations may include melanoma, colon and lung cancers

Antihistamines against glioblastoma

Clemastine inhibits glioblastoma into using fatty acid for its growth and metastasis

Radon can be a risk factor to lung cancer

After smoking radon exposure increase the risk of lung cancer. Radon is found in the soil. Those who have basements are increased risk of exposure

Check point inhibitors’ response rate is dismal

For all the hype about check point inhibitors, only 7% benefit to lung cancer patients

Ribosome synthesis important in metastasis

Ribosomes synthesis when blocked in cancer cells inhibits epithelial to mesenchymal transition

Learn how to use off label drugs for cancer

Cheap drugs that actually work against cancer via McClelland Map