Vit C for Covid-19

Iv vitamin C helps in patients with severe Covid

Vit C mechanism of action in cancer

High dose vitamin C works by several mechanisms

Losartan as a chemo sensitizing agent

Colorectal cancer patients have upregulated levels of renin angiotensin system. Chemo treatment with 5 FU and Losartan looks to have better treatment outcome

Starvation therapy

When all else fails, try the starvation therapy 300 to 400 kcall per day

Multi functional resveratrol

Its contradictory actions are quite unique, a ROS generator in cancer cell tumor environment but a free radical scavenger in Chemotherapy induced oxidative stress

Some interesting stuff on diagnosis of cancer

Test called plasmalogens can test the propensity to cancer and other Neurologic conditions

Drug repurposing in Cancer

Cancer drugs takes a lot of money and time to develop and produce. However, current drugs can be repurposed and can be quickly utilized for cancer

Raw garlic as a anti cancer agent

Just 5gms of raw garlic improves inflammatory markers

Deplete Arginine make cancer cells die

Stopping the sarcoma cells from taking in arginine starves them to death

Serotonin helps cancer cells evade immune cells

SSRIs removes the ability of cancer cells to evade immune cells