Nanocargo against breast cancer

Laser and nano particles in the killing tumors with out surgery

Breast implants and lymphoma

US FDA requires breast implants manufacturers to put in their product information about risk of non Hodgkins lymphoma

Vitamin D and risk of cancer

Vitamin D and omega 3 decreased rates of advanced cancers

Exosomes, scouts of cancer metastasis

A vesicle with RNA can act as a messenger as well as prepare tumor cells into invading distant organs

Radical surgery and radiotherapy vs active monitoring

Active monitoring did not differ with radical surgery or radiotherapy in localised prostate cancer survival

Starving cancer

Using off label drugs and supplements in starving cancer

High dose vitamin C targets KRAS and BRAF mutations in pancreatic cancer cells

High dose vit c targets cancer cells metabolic pathways thru DHA

Fenbendazole for cancer

Ultrahigh dose radiotherapy

Brain tumors can be safely irradiated using high dose rate in seconds to avoid affecting surrounding normal cells

Neu5gc, cancer initiator

People who eat red meats and dairy have. Higher anti Neu5gc, and higher risk to cancer