Past Christmas

Saw my patient again last monday, and I would say I am bit surprised if not elated at the turn of events. When I first saw him, I was guarded and frankly pessimistic (pardon my weakness) if he could last til Christmas. That was my goal, he be able to spend Christmas with his loved … Continue reading Past Christmas

End of days

Its heart-rendering time for me. Both my patients with cancer are slowly losing their grip with life.Each of them clinging now in their death beds, wanting only peace now, but only to face the fear of death.How do we as doctors, family, friends comfort them what is past this life, if we ourselves have no … Continue reading End of days

Burned and fried to a crisp

Last week, I saw a patient who had inflammatory breast cancer, she was given radiotherapy and chemotherapy. No surgery was performed. After a year of the treatment, the cancer seems to be in remission.However, the sad part is due to the high doses of chemo and radiotherapy, her whole left arm is now completely paralyzed with decreased sensations.I … Continue reading Burned and fried to a crisp

Close call

I was at the hospital yesterday. The patient with gastric cancer check himself to the hospital because he was so weak and in pain. His abdomen was so tense, must be due to the tumor obstruction in the rectum.  When I saw him, he was really having a hard time I could see. He hasn't slept … Continue reading Close call

Patient’s concern

The patient with gastric cancer is now more concerned with what will happen to those who he will leave in case he will pass away.I feel so sad that the reason for his worries are not of self but of those who will left behind. I really admire his altruism.I wonder how those people who … Continue reading Patient’s concern


Patient with gastric cancer has officially spread to his rectum. I'm so saddened by the turn of events but know we can still do something about it.Its now a question of synchronicity. Will we have the necessary people to get thnecessar treatment in time.I am deeply affected with what has happened to him. I know … Continue reading Metastasis

Gone for Good?

My patient with gastric cancer has left for out of the country. Of all the time, it has to be now? I mean, he's CA-199 is of the scale, his CT showed mulitple lymph node involvement in the retroperitoneal space.I wish I could him help but he's not here. I just hope everything will be … Continue reading Gone for Good?

Crazy Sexy Cancer

If there is one blog that stands out right now, its this one! Where will you find someone who literally killed the cancer by being happy and optimistic?

Giving up the fight

Yesterday, I was giving some treatments to a patient of mine with Non-Hodgkin's. She has been a patient of mine for close to 2 years now. She was a good patient, she followed all the instructions to the letter."Was," because for the past few months, she started straying and eating all the foods that a … Continue reading Giving up the fight

Epoetin and cancer risk

Just got a mail that warned of FDA imposing a warning on the use of Epoetin alpha on patients with cancer. Epoetin and the other drugs of the same class are given to people with low RBCs, including patients with chronic renal disease as well as those undergoing chemotherapy.These drugs increase the amount of RBCs … Continue reading Epoetin and cancer risk