Past Christmas

Saw my patient again last monday, and I would say I am bit surprised if not elated at the turn of events. When I first saw him, I was guarded and frankly pessimistic (pardon my weakness) if he could last til Christmas. That was my goal, he be able to spend Christmas with his loved ones!

Well, apparently, he is doing quite well now, despite the 5 years of chemo and 15 session of daily radiotherapy. In fact so well that he’s now a bit complaining, a bit more talkative and making funny comments at me or at our staff.

He’s still weak though, cant walk, but can sit for longer periods. I really dont know what I did, if ever I did anything for him. A bit of ginseng, a bit of homeopathic rememdies, a lot of body works (Access).

I wish him luck and his pain to go away and gain all the weight he lost!

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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