Banerji Protocol for Brain cancer 6C and calcium phosphate have been shown to be effective even in glioblastoma multiforme and glioma

Homeopathic remedies proof?

Professor Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize co-winner 2008 for the discovery of HIV, has demonstrated that bacterial DNA even in high dilutions beyond the Avogadro number have weak electromagnetic signals.Interesting!!!! here's the study

Homeopathic remedies for cancer

This is the first study I have encountered that truly dealt with a homeopathic remedy against the development of cancer, though the study group was composed of rats.I wonder if people will start taking this one. I'm sure the homeopaths will not use this study but rather stick to their time-tested way of choosing a … Continue reading Homeopathic remedies for cancer

Past Christmas

Saw my patient again last monday, and I would say I am bit surprised if not elated at the turn of events. When I first saw him, I was guarded and frankly pessimistic (pardon my weakness) if he could last til Christmas. That was my goal, he be able to spend Christmas with his loved … Continue reading Past Christmas

Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

I have been seeing a 65 yr old female with metastatic breast cancer for about a month now. She came back coz the cancer grew back from the MRM. It was growing fast but the patient didnt want to do chemotherapy anymore.So it was decided that we try homeopathic medicines. After about 1 month or … Continue reading Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

Bile duct obstruction

I just got one patient who just had jaundice, as it turned out, the bile ducts (the tubes that secretes bile) was obstructed by the tumor.It was so disappointing since when I started the homeopathics, the tumor was already shrinking.But because of his having difficulty sleeping, the tumor grew back and bigger this time I … Continue reading Bile duct obstruction