Best Cancer Cure there is…

If there's one treatment that works 100% for cancer, its this… HappinessPeople sneer or become so cynical how happiness can cure cancer. People spends thousands to millions to get treatments or take highly sophisticated protocols and infinite number of pills to kill the cancer.Yet the most simple and effective is look upon with doubt or … Continue reading Best Cancer Cure there is…

Lung cancer with embryonic stem cells

We had a patient who received daily IM injections of stem cells as well as weekly intravenous stem cell therapyUnfortunately the lung cancer grew. Looked into stemcells as lung cancer treatment yielded almost no studies published on the web except on rats ...


There was this guy who was a carpenter before he got sick. He had multiple nodules on the right side of his lungs. It didn't look good, doctors wanted to do biopsy. They had no money for the said procedure. He was wasting away slowly, coughing incessantly.He came to our charity clinic. Felt so bad … Continue reading !!!Unbelievable!!!


I've been doing research lately on the effect of anti-angiogenesis on cancer growth. I'm sure there are a lot of studies on it, specfically for the VEGF inhibitors for lung and colorectal cancers. But that's not the only thing that is out there.There are a lot of herbs that also seem to arrest tumor growth … Continue reading Anti-angiogenesis

Lost voices

This is the second time in less than a month where in I have had the opportunity to see 2 patients with lung cancer who have lost their voices. Both of whom are very much eager to gain their voice and be able to be "normal" again.It must be hard to have a diagnosis of … Continue reading Lost voices

Lung Cancer with Brain Mets

Its going to be a hard case, this one. I have doubts that the patient and his wife are really going to realize the importance of doing things the natural way. I fear that I might not be able to help them since the patient is still in a state of denial, while the wife … Continue reading Lung Cancer with Brain Mets