Marital Abuse

I saw a married couple a few days back. They were seeking alternatives for the husband's diabetes despite taking medicines. What was significant about this case, was that after I have finished with the husband and he was doing some acupuncture treatments, I began asking the wife questions, due to the fact that on SCIO, … Continue reading Marital Abuse

The Power of Belief

What if tomorrow's biology is based not on the Newtonian physics but rather on Quantum physics? Will there be a cure for all he known scourge of man?If you read on Bruce Lipton's website, you'll be surprised that our cells are interacting with our environments, our thoughts and emotions shape our cells to do what is necessary for its survival.The concept of Bruce Lipton, fits exactly … Continue reading The Power of Belief

Lung Cancer with Brain Mets

Its going to be a hard case, this one. I have doubts that the patient and his wife are really going to realize the importance of doing things the natural way. I fear that I might not be able to help them since the patient is still in a state of denial, while the wife … Continue reading Lung Cancer with Brain Mets