Marital Abuse

I saw a married couple a few days back. They were seeking alternatives for the husband’s diabetes despite taking medicines.

What was significant about this case, was that after I have finished with the husband and he was doing some acupuncture treatments, I began asking the wife questions, due to the fact that on SCIO, it seems like she has or had depression.

She started opening up and told me that the husband was abusing him physically and emotionally. She hasn’t told it to anyone for fear of her family breaking apart. So she kept quiet about it. She confessed that this was the first time she said anything about it.

case in point, that people seem to be more open towards strangers, knowing that whatever is said or discussed, it won’t leak out to the family or friends. As what Armstrong-Coster wrote in her book Living and Dying with Cancer. I just hope everything will be fine for her

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