Passed away

After battling and surviving 7 years with liver cancer, he has passed away quietly. All the doctors told him when he was first diagnosed with cancer that he will die within 6 months.He celebrated his 7th yr anniversary of the diagnosis with vigor and enthusiasm of making it for another 7 years.But at last, God … Continue reading Passed away

Family support

For some unknown reasons, I am getting a lot of patients now with liver cancer, metastatic. All of them above 65.Whats good about them is that even if their doctors have pronounced a Death sentence, they still believe and I agree with them, its not over until the FAT LADY sings or in this case … Continue reading Family support


I hate it when it happens, because they are more difficult to treat. My patient with liver cancer came back, with bleeding coming from the t-tube. His MD who placed the tube said it is normal but its been a week. I'm waiting for the bleeding parameters.The tumor has grown back to how it used … Continue reading Resurggence


I really don't go out and buy or endorse supplements for my patients. However, there are a few exceptions and one of them is this Ginseng I got from my patient.What is different from other Ginseng product? Well, for one, this Ginsengs seemed to have a detoxifying effect, and patients (not only one) had a … Continue reading Ginseng

Tumor Regression

I had just m et my patient with liver cancer who had also lung metastasis. Good news always follows bad news, that's seems to be the pattern in my experiences.Previously in my blog, I mentioned him to undergo a procedure to divert his bile due to the enlarging liv er tumor. Because of the procedure, … Continue reading Tumor Regression

Spilling the Beans

Yesterday, I just had a chat with a patient of mine who had stage 4 liver cancer. Like all the other conversations I had, it was just about what they were doing and what do they plan to do in the near future. I always ask this question, especially to ┬ávery ill patients, in order … Continue reading Spilling the Beans

Nutrition in Cancer

I just came back from seeing my patient with liver cancer who had just had a t-tube placed due to the blockage of the bile ducts. He is still weak from the surgery and the hospitalization. In fact, I felt a sense of desperation on his part, mainly because he is usually strong and up … Continue reading Nutrition in Cancer

Passed away

I am totally shocked right now, knowing that one of my patients had just passed away. He was just hospitalized for pneumonia but apparently, things got worse than better. I was already looking forward of seeing him again, after his wife called and told me that he was looking to see me too!His condition was … Continue reading Passed away

Bile duct obstruction

I just got one patient who just had jaundice, as it turned out, the bile ducts (the tubes that secretes bile) was obstructed by the tumor.It was so disappointing since when I started the homeopathics, the tumor was already shrinking.But because of his having difficulty sleeping, the tumor grew back and bigger this time I … Continue reading Bile duct obstruction