Alternative lung cancer treatment to fight inoperable cancer

Lung Cancer Alternative Treatments

Years of cancer research reveal that lung cancer is affecting the life of Americans at an alarming rate. Every year almost 170,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer across the country. Smoking is the primary reason, but non-smokers are also getting affected by this malignant disease. Environmental pollution might be another possible cause of lung cancer.

What is Lung cancer?

Our lungs consist of different types of cells – epithelial cells, blood cells, nerve cells, hormone-producing cells and other supporting cells. Among them epithelial cells lining the air-tubes produce to protect the entire respiratory system.

Sometimes abnormal growth in epithelial cells or hormone-producing cells develops malignant tumor which turns to lung cancer. In most cases lung cancer developed from epithelial cells which come in direct contact with the inhaled air which may contain toxin like carcinogen. As the lung cancer tumor grows it sheds cancerous cells which can even spread…

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