Wall Street Journal’s take on Detox Cleanse

Wall Street Journal’s take on Detox Cleanse

and Here is the The Farm at San Benito’s reply:

“[sic] Detox and cleanse diets… are really helpful to help our system get rid of the toxins more efficiently. The claim of the article on The question isn’t just whether these techniques work. It’s whether the body is overwhelmed by toxins to begin with.” 
Definitely these process works especially in a controlled environment where a person can take a break from all the business of the world and take time to rest the body and the mind. Most especially being supervised by health professionals. On the level of toxins in our body, just look around the environment, the food that is available and the stress that the day to day life brings us. These are having its toll in our body. Taking a detox or a cleanse diet will absolutely facilitate an effective removal of toxins and an efficient way of replenishing nutrients;.
On the colon irrigation and laxatives.Yes, there are side effects such as electrolytes imbalance, and removal pr good micro flora. For some, it can be constipation. However, we cannot neglect the fact that colon irrigation or what we call colon hydrotherapy is beneficial in physically removing the impacted solid wastes in our colon which actually ferments and emits toxins internally. Caution should be observed though as to not suppress the natural peristaltic movement or contraction of the colon.  Laxatives are medically prescribed as needed and should not be used for slimming purposes. Providing probiotics and electrolyte drinks are necessary to be given after these treatments.”

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