Great change

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Oh, yes we are!!

An article from The National Post includes the below quotation:

docPatients who question their doctors are changing the face of medicine – and (some) physicians are embracing the shift

Dr. Topol billed Goodsell as the patient of the future because she’s an activist patient, someone who regards her health as a collaboration between herself and her doctor. More and more patients are regarding their health in a similar manner.

In fact, activist patients are changing the way doctors practice medicine.

Some things that doctors do aren’t supported by science…. (read more)

That’s right, we can often figure out our needs in much more appropriate and safer ways and that can mean saving ourselves from further harm in many instances.

Below is a post that includes links to articles from Beyond Meds that help you consider how to approach the health professionals in your…

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