Alternative Integrative Therapies Part 6: Hemp Balm



Last Wednesday I was at the Infusion Center visiting with patients and I smelled a lovely fragrance coming from one of the women sitting in a treatment chair as I walked by. The fragrance was so nice I had to go back and ask what she was wearing. It turns out she was using a balm on her face made from hemp oil. I know about hemp oil but never heard of it used as a balm. I wanted to know more about it.

Do you see CBD on the label of the balm in the picture? CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which reduces the psychological effects of marijuana. In other words you won’t get “high.”  It has been known to help with pain, anxiety, and nausea, which are the main symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation! There is a synthetic form of marijuana called Marinol, which is widely prescribed by doctors, but I…

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