Alternative Integrative Therapies Part 5: Apricot Kernels (B17)


Several months ago I found a video made by a woman, Sandi Rog, who said she cured her cancer with B17, a synthetic supplement, also known as laetrile. You can watch her video which is posted further down. The idea that laetrile can kill cancer is controversial. Dr. Andrew Weil says there is no scientific evidence that it does and I usually defer to his opinion, BUT I also learned over the past few years, that our beloved scientific community isn’t always right or truthful. The problem is, pharmaceutical companies have too much influence when it comes to teaching hospitals who do research (they provide funding) and the FDA (lobbyists). Beside how many FDA approved drugs killed people who took them? Lots! Attorneys make a bundle suing those drug companies. So I decided to dig deeper. After all, why would Sandi make this up?

Here is her video:

Sandi updated her vlog…

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