Mindfulness in cancer


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness in cancer

  1. I gave a presentation this afternoon, for a seminar in Saint Mary University, health sciences school, on cancer survival. One of the topics I mentioned was the mind-body, or spiritual connection to healing process. I think there was a wide acceptance.to this notion. It looks to me as if the Pharmacology student were less enthusiastic, specially with my notes regarding the lack of evidence to the connection between genetics and cancer, and the fact identical twins do not get identical cancer.. they were unhappy with presentation of “alternative” treatments, such as IVC, and challenged it with some weird “in vitro” claims (which I never heard of..)for which I answered that there is no correlation between in vitro and in vivo. Clinical practice is justified whatever measure that shows positive effects, and evidence based medicine is what medicine had allays been, before it was hijacked by pseudo scientific claims. In vitro, water may “kill cancer”, but that does not mean physicians order patients to drink water to heal cancer.

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