Cancer drugs all going after the wrong targets

Only 3% of chemotherapy drugs under clinical trials have actually been approved since 2000.

4 thoughts on “Cancer drugs all going after the wrong targets

  1. Do you have anything that will address Mantle Cell Lymphoma? I was diagnosed this past April, went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy and currently in remission. The chemo treatment unfortunately damaged my heart’s Mitral Valve. My options will be very limited if my cancer returns . I came across your name and medical practice by watching Ty Bollinger’s video. In retrospect, I would have probably come to you instead of MD
    Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Thank you.

    Henry Yu

  2. I am willing to travel to the Philippines to see you as soon as I am permitted to travel. My roots are in the Philippines. I left 40 years ago right after collage to settle in the US.

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