Aspirin reverse Chemotherapy drug resistance

Pre treatment with aspirin made cancer stem cells sensitive to doxorubicin in breast cancer cells

3 thoughts on “Aspirin reverse Chemotherapy drug resistance

  1. Interesting that aspirin may incense the incidence of cancer among the elderly at the same time that a claim is made that it may reverse chemotherapy drug resistance. So some; unlucky people who take aspirin for heart or circulatory care could get cancer then still need the Aspirin  that is  doing its best to kill them to prevent Chemoresistance the mind boggles

  2. Hi
    Have you used any Dotera products for cancer. They are treading on dangerous ground here I read an article about it and the word cure was used. the last time anyone got neat the word using the word remedy which the health dept deemed to imply cure were fined $60.000..
    I have used Protcel amplified have you tried this. biological age testing shows it to be a very good product but it’s damn expensive $220 a bottle amplified of course it’s free.

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