Have you or your love one been diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking for ways to treat your cancer aside from the conventional options of surgery, chemotherapy and or radiotherapy?

This website is made to inform and educate cancer patients the wide variety of options in reversing your present condition. Note, I didn’t say “treat” or “cure” but rather reverse the cancer. This is because cancers are a manifestation of abnormalities within the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual make-up. Therefore, treating cancers require not only physical therapies but also emotional and spiritual healing.

Diet alone may help in treating cancer, but coupled with meditation, exercise, counselling and or family and co-patient support, cancer can be almost always reversed or put into remission.

We humbly ask you to read our content with skepticism. With unbiased skepticism, you maybe able to judge for yourself if what is written is factual or not. We don’t offer miraculous advice or one herbal treatment wonder, but with sustained, logical and synergistic management of your medical condition, you maybe on your way to a cancer remission.

One thought on “Introduction

  1. ” based on a pseudo-scientific ” One wonders why they constantly say or write this nonsense yet never do any real research on it. While it’s not a one for all therapy its a therapy that works when all else has failed, The most common comment I hear when a patient recovers after all else has failed is ” Oh it must have been a misdiagnosis.” I long for the day when Patients responds with ” if that’s the case what the hell did you take out of my body during surgery.

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