Rapid growth of cancers after boosters

Its a world wide phenomenon. Its not a conspiracy theory anymore. Cancer incidence are increasing due to. Boosters

One thought on “Rapid growth of cancers after boosters

  1. Why am I not surprised to read such news.

    I had the first two vaxes ( Phizer ) and am gradually getting my system clear of the shit.

    Fortunately, I have the means to deal with this.

    I have inverted the Vax I had and I treat measles and my wife regularly. Currently, its looking like we have to treat every two months so I should think it will take another year to clear our systems of the shit.

    I also have Phizer detox vials and spike vials too, along with inverted Graphene

    A patient of mine had a tooth extracted couple of weeks ago and the cavity would not stop bleeding. The dental surgeon put a wad of cotton wool in he mouth after an hour and sent her home.

    When she got home she took the cotton wool out and a lot of spaghetti-like substance came with it and continued to come out of the cavity for a while.

    Now, this relates to the story one hears about embalmers being unable to embalm properly because of the arteries being blocked with a similar substance.

    On Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 00:14, Best Integrative, Alternative, Complementary

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