Breast Cancer in early 30’s of a single mother with stage 4 breast cancer

Naltrexone and Alpha Lipoic acid for Pancreatic Cancer

In the latest issue of Integrative Cancer Therapies, a case of 3 patients with pancreatic cancer were treated with intravenous alpha lipoic acid and low dose naltrexone. What's astonishing is that the patients are still alive, 2 of which were already cancer free based on their PET scan.This is an ongoing trial in a New … Continue reading Naltrexone and Alpha Lipoic acid for Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer is Infectious

I remembered when I was young, people would often tell us that you have to be careful not to get infected by cancer. So be careful that their blood don't get into yours.I told myself how absurd that they can think like this? What in the world were they thinking? How did in the world,

Another one bites the dust

After 1 week of fighting, patient with both breast and uterine cancers coupled with metastasis to the liver and abdomen finally let go.She was a tough lady. Despite having a hard time breathing, she still refused to have oxygen until she was too weak to resist.I learned a lot from her this past week, when … Continue reading Another one bites the dust

Cory Aquino has passed Away

Former President Corazon Aquino is now at the hospital in pain due to cancer of colon. Even in her weakest state of health, she once again has come and united the Filipino people in praying and supporting her. I find that a wonderful trait of Mrs. Aquino, that she can still muster a great number … Continue reading Cory Aquino has passed Away

Remarkable turn around

A friend referred this breast cancer survivor to me because of severe pain in her right hand. I could see its swollen. The initial diagnosis was neuropathy but we know better. This is lymphangitic invasion. She was already operated, chemo and radio-therapied 2 years ago.After a session of Access Healing, she felt better less pain, … Continue reading Remarkable turn around

Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

I have been seeing a 65 yr old female with metastatic breast cancer for about a month now. She came back coz the cancer grew back from the MRM. It was growing fast but the patient didnt want to do chemotherapy anymore.So it was decided that we try homeopathic medicines. After about 1 month or … Continue reading Battling with Breast Cancer.. Again

Breast cancer mother

Again, had a 39-yr-old mother of 2 (6 yr and 1 yr) who had breast cancer but now has metastisized to the lungs. I know and felt the pain and dejection after knowing about the metastasis, aside from the worry of raising her very young kids!Fortunately, her sprits are back up again and wiling to fight it … Continue reading Breast cancer mother

Family support

For some unknown reasons, I am getting a lot of patients now with liver cancer, metastatic. All of them above 65.Whats good about them is that even if their doctors have pronounced a Death sentence, they still believe and I agree with them, its not over until the FAT LADY sings or in this case … Continue reading Family support

Close call

I was at the hospital yesterday. The patient with gastric cancer check himself to the hospital because he was so weak and in pain. His abdomen was so tense, must be due to the tumor obstruction in the rectum.  When I saw him, he was really having a hard time I could see. He hasn't slept … Continue reading Close call