Family support

For some unknown reasons, I am getting a lot of patients now with liver cancer, metastatic. All of them above 65.

Whats good about them is that even if their doctors have pronounced a Death sentence, they still believe and I agree with them, its not over until the FAT LADY sings or in this case when St. Peter calls them.

So whats more apparent in these persons is that I can’t say anything about the family support. As I said to one of them, 80% of your survival now is entirely up to you! If you decide, “lets call it quits!” then there is nothing else we can do about it.

Twenty percent of the person’s survival chances is the family and friends support. Time and time again I have seen it, if the family support is strong, our treatment does wonders to them, but if the family is passive, unsupportive or frankly hostile, we won’t go anywhere.

So where does the doctor’s or healer’s help come in to play? Whether you believe it or not, its not inside the 100%, its only an extra or should we say placebo? of course a lot of people, especially doctors will disagree!

I guess its only an interesting point of view of mine.

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