Touching words

I had the pleasure of meeting a 67 year old mother who certainly looked younger than  her age.She came to me because she had several mass on the pancreas and liver. It did looked like she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.The family have decided she not undergo biopsy or chemotherapy, however I asked her one question, which was "what do you want to do?" There was a pause for she hadn't made up her … Continue reading Touching words

Last phase of his journey

The patient with gastric cancer has now come to the part where there is no turning  back. His cancer has come back with metastasis to the rectum which has obstructed it. A stent had to be placed to relieve the obstruction. Aside from this, pulmonary and hepatic metastasis are also present.But still.... he is adamant … Continue reading Last phase of his journey

Gone for Good?

My patient with gastric cancer has left for out of the country. Of all the time, it has to be now? I mean, he's CA-199 is of the scale, his CT showed mulitple lymph node involvement in the retroperitoneal space.I wish I could him help but he's not here. I just hope everything will be … Continue reading Gone for Good?


I hate it when it happens, because they are more difficult to treat. My patient with liver cancer came back, with bleeding coming from the t-tube. His MD who placed the tube said it is normal but its been a week. I'm waiting for the bleeding parameters.The tumor has grown back to how it used … Continue reading Resurggence


I really don't go out and buy or endorse supplements for my patients. However, there are a few exceptions and one of them is this Ginseng I got from my patient.What is different from other Ginseng product? Well, for one, this Ginsengs seemed to have a detoxifying effect, and patients (not only one) had a … Continue reading Ginseng

Cancer complications

I've been closely monitoring my breast cancer patient for the past 2 weeks now. Its hard for me to see her having a difficult time breathing every and then. All the test done on her showed all normal except for the lungs with multiple multi-nodular densities. So most likely the cause of her dyspnea is the tumor infiltration to the lungs.She is very brave. I don't think lesser persons can be able to handle the … Continue reading Cancer complications

Demolished in 1 day

Its sometimes so hard and disconcerting to discover and realize that one's work and patients' achievement can be suddenly wiped out in a matter of minutes.This is exactly just what happened to my patient with breast cancer. After nursing her back to health, physically, mentally and emotionally; her sister-in-law who is also an MD comes … Continue reading Demolished in 1 day

Spilling the Beans

Yesterday, I just had a chat with a patient of mine who had stage 4 liver cancer. Like all the other conversations I had, it was just about what they were doing and what do they plan to do in the near future. I always ask this question, especially to  very ill patients, in order … Continue reading Spilling the Beans

Bravery: Women vs Men

I recently had a Breast Cancer patient with an already oozing lesion on the nipple area. She was advised to have chemotherapy prior to surgery. She refused to do the chemo, feeling that it will hasten her poor health.Instead, she opted to have all those Vit C, B17 injections. Lost and unable to express what … Continue reading Bravery: Women vs Men