Cancer debris can stimulate inflammation

Cancee therapies can leave cellular debris from the tumor that can help. Cancer cells survive! Clearing this debris xan help. Reduce cancer recurrence and or resistance

One thought on “Cancer debris can stimulate inflammation

  1. Cancer therapies are designed to kill tumor cells, but produce tumor cell debris in the process.

    Indeed they can I have experienced this more than once. A recent case was when I gave breast cancer patient some cream loaded up with a variety of products to treat a localised tumor advising her not to use it more than twice a day and only in one place. Well she went overboard and applied far too much cream far too often. The hospice sent her off to the hospital having no idea why she suddenly felt so ill.I was informed by her husband of the situation and I know instantly what had happened so I made something up for her and took it to the hospital the next day. She was back in the hospice and fine and treatment was continued to deal with the debris. A week later she was home and the tumor had reduced even further and is almost gone. Why was she in Hospice?  respite for her hubby Just a warning about these creams if one used DMSO as part of the formula the skin must be scrupulously clean before applying any cream for this or any similar purpose because the DMSO will not only take the therapy through the skin but also any pathogens lurking on the skin.

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