Myristic acid derivative of doxycycline

Cancer stem cells inhibition is achieved with a myristic acid derivative of doxycycline without its antibiotic properties

8 thoughts on “Myristic acid derivative of doxycycline

  1. Hi homer
    This interesting I have been aware of this for some time.
    I had a patient a few years ago who had Breast Ca and one of her tumors developed on the collar bone so was accessible.
    I made up a cream with doxy in it and a wee bit of DMSO which I applied it to the area and then Aimed an Infrared beam at it. We did this over some period of time and eventually the tumor completely dissolved.. I can’t remember where I read about this technique which didn’t mention Doxy the term used was ” By using a simple antibiotic ”

      1. Type tocotrienols and cancer into your bower or toco.s and almost any other condition you will be interested in what comes up. I will run some tests on -phenylalanine

      2. Yes.. I am aware po tocotrienols the issue is availability of good sources aside from nuts

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