Nanoparticles of phenylalanine

Cancer cells can be inhibited by introducing Nano-pPAAM or Nanoscopic phenylalanine Porous Amino Acid Mimic.

6 thoughts on “Nanoparticles of phenylalanine

  1. Hi
    The following from a physio chum in England
    Anyway, I have been taking the tocotrienol for less than 24 hours and my stuffed left wrist which has a large bone fragment in distal radio ulnar joint now has full range of supination for the first time in 5 years. Its not just placebo as I have had plenty of time to ‘think it better’ in the past. So, I thought I would make up some resonance cream with it in. Going to put in 7ml DMSO , 6ml or so vodka (in 100gm cream) and then use your device. So, would you burst open a capsule to place this on in plate or just place the capsule on it? What would you consider to be a good amp for general use.

      1. ? Amp?
        I normally amplify to 40.000 times but I do test is this OK and if not I test till I find which is OK.
        There is another Dr in Aus who works this way, Dr Zenon Gruber.

      2. Hi again.
        I don’t work with Dr. Gruber but along similar lines. We don’t however, ever use the word cure.

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