Chemotherapy increases risk of metastasis and chemoresistance

Researchers are finding ways how to block cancer cells from producing proteins during chemotherapy that help them to survive

One thought on “Chemotherapy increases risk of metastasis and chemoresistance

  1. New research sheds light on why tumor cells become resistant to chemotherapy
    One of the reasons is the one size fits all practice. Another maybe they need to change the size of the dose or the potency every now and again so the system doesn’t get used to it so it no longer works
    They rarely test to establish will this product help this patent. They will go along the lines of, let’s say Breast cancer so let’s give her Ibrance. They need to establish is this patient a fast or slow responder a fast responder will need a lower dose and a slow responder will need more. Further, there are ways to test to establish which of the available drugs that are available for breast cancer which one will help this patient.
    \What do you think about prescribing Pegfilgrastin / Neulasta following chemo.

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