I really don’t go out and buy or endorse supplements for my patients. However, there are a few exceptions and one of them is this Ginseng I got from my patient.

What is different from other Ginseng product? Well, for one, this Ginsengs seemed to have a detoxifying effect, and patients (not only one) had a sort of “healing crisis.” At first, I was a bit skeptic and waited for the effect if any.
The liver cancer patient was almost gone, he couldn’t stand up, poor sleep, no appetite, extremely dehydated. He then was introduced to this ginseng product that was farmed in a temperature-controlled area. He claimed it made him stronger, sleep better. But still I was a bit hesistant. 
But this morning, I saw him and he showed me his lab work-up and it was a surprise! His HBV DNA count was lowest in 3 years but he still takes Hepcera. What really suckered me in was his SGOT, SPGT going back  to normal levels. AFP was 5.86 almost normal.
Lets see now if it works for my mother. I hope she follows my instructions.

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