Giant leaps of evolution make cancer cells deadly – health – 23 January 2014 – New Scientist

Giant leaps of evolution make cancer cells deadly - health - 23 January 2014 - New Scientist.

New way to reduce chemotherapy induced toxicity

Lung cancer with embryonic stem cells

We had a patient who received daily IM injections of stem cells as well as weekly intravenous stem cell therapyUnfortunately the lung cancer grew. Looked into stemcells as lung cancer treatment yielded almost no studies published on the web except on rats ...

Metformin for Cancer Stem Cells?

Hmmm... A great idea is brewing up :)At least now everyone must realize that chemotherapy alone doesnt guarantee a complete eradication of cancer cells.

Breast cancer mother

Again, had a 39-yr-old mother of 2 (6 yr and 1 yr) who had breast cancer but now has metastisized to the lungs. I know and felt the pain and dejection after knowing about the metastasis, aside from the worry of raising her very young kids!Fortunately, her sprits are back up again and wiling to fight it … Continue reading Breast cancer mother

Cancer Stem Cells

There has been a lot of journal articles now that have mentioned the role of cancer stem cells in the recurrence and sometimes resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy. Simply put, even if all the cancer cells are killed by chemo or radiotherapy, the cancer stem cells may still be intact and can cause recurrence … Continue reading Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer Stem Cells

Been reading a lot of medical journals lately and there have been not one or two, but several authors agreeing that there are cancer stem cells. These cells are pratically immortal and have no effects when treated with chemotherapeutic agents. In fact, as one of the authors suggested, they undergo further mutations when they come in contant with chemo drugs. I guess then that … Continue reading Cancer Stem Cells